General Dentistry

At GI Dentist, our mission is to offer an effective range of treatments that help you keep a healthy smile, combat gum disease and to ensure that your own natural teeth are preserved as much as possible. This means that tooth extraction will only be carried out when absolutely necessary. We call this minimally invasive dentistry.

Our general dentistry treatments listed below are designed to help you regain an optimal level of oral health, especially after incidences of gum disease or tooth decay.

Deep cleaning

This treatment is carried out by our dental hygienist who will ensure that harmful plaque and bacteria are eliminated, leaving your whole mouth and teeth spotless.


Periodontal cleaning

When gum problems evolve they become a periodontal disease, it is important to carry out a more thorough clean in order to get rid of the solidified plaque and tartar which could harbour the infection.



Fillings are used when you experience early tooth decay which results in external damage of the enamel and dentin. If required we will remove the decayed portion of the tooth and fill the area painlessly and with materials which blend in with your tooth colour, this leaves you with a solid repair and avoids extraction.


Root canal treatment

A root canal treatment is carried out when the diseased core of a tooth is likely to cause an infection and needs to be removed. In order to repair and avoid tooth extraction, we will take away the diseased centre of the tooth in which the nerves are situated and cover it with a shielding cap.
The technology we have available also means we can identify problems early and this means we can minimise any future issues with preventative treatment. 


Broken teeth treatment

If you have broken a tooth, there is a chance that it will need to be removed to avoid spreading infection. Depending on the severity of the damage, your dentist will recommend substituting the broken tooth. This means we fit a permanent replacement tooth that looks and feels just like you veryown.



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